Adventures of an Au Pair: The First Phone Interview

The First Phone Interview

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Today was a monumental day. Today... I had my first phone interview with a potential au pair family! Whoot whoot for progress. It was a 45 minute long conversation and although I am not interested in actually working for them, I think it was good for me to have that type of conversation with a family. It felt nice to make some type of progress, even if it wasn't the most productive. 

But, I'm not going to lie... I've been a bit conflicted these days. I'm still in love with the idea of being an au pair and I'm still actively looking. But there's a whole other path that appeals to me, too, which is finding a full-time job in event/wedding planning. Which making  a legit salary and not "pocket money." It means making progress in my anticipated career and (hopefully) doing something I love 5 days a week. The confliction started when I heard about a job opening through a friend of mine, which sounded AWESOME and exactly what I would want. So of course I applied, and although I haven't heard anything back it got my wheels a turning... am I ready to be broke for another year plus? Do I want to put off starting a real job? Of course, living in Europe for a year has a strong pull, but the realities of the au pair program have drawbacks, as well.

And I guess the answer is most likely yes. But I've decided that I will search for both the perfect au pair job and the perfect big girl job, and see which pans out the best. Leaving it up to the big man in the sky... and that's fine with me.


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